Generations and Rick Moranis

The name of SCTV (Second City Television) alumnus Rick Moranis has appeared in the news lately, initially because he is due to reprise his role of Wayne Selinski from Honey I Shrunk the Kids and then got roped into a cell phone ad as his real return to the screen, and more recently he was recorded on security camera getting assaulted by a random passer-by. Any one of those could stir up concern. He is presently doing okay after the last mentioned ordeal. Some younger people on social media (in theory) might not know him or connect the name to images they take for granted.

When I moved permanently to Toronto in 1997, that was the same year Moranis did a video sequel to the “Honey, I” movies. That was officially his last big job. He did a few appearances relating to Bob and Doug McKenzie’s 24 Anniversary and Brother Bear in which a pair of moose are modeled after Bob and Doug. He did a voice for Dark Helmet from Spaceballs for The Goldbergs, but he has mostly focused on music and his personal life. It might have been nice if they got him to appear in Jason Reitman’s course correction film Ghostbusters: Afterlife which is due in March of 2021, but it seems like he passed on that.

Here are some glimpses of Rick Moranis in his initial run of fame which made him a beloved comic actor.

Anyway, those are samples to jump start people into looking up his work. He had cameos like the grave digger in L.A. Story and he did an entertaining movie with Steve Martin called “My Blue Heaven” about the witness protection program, reportedly a semi sequel to Goodfellas, directed by Norah Ephron who was the partner of the casino and Goodfellas co-author Nicholas Pileggi. But at least Moarnis has emerged into pop culture again and hopefully there will be more to come that interests him.